Covid-19 Updates

Covid Policy

To ensure we are doing our part in keeping our staff and clients safe and healthy, we have implemented a new "Before & When you arrive" policy and Waiver.​ In order for clients to be provided with service you must agree to our policy and waiver by completing a survey before service.

Before You Arrive

Before you arrive

  • Symptoms Survey. All staff and clients will be required to complete a survey documenting their relationship to Covid-19.
  • Sanitizing. In ordinance with the CDC and our policy, Sixth & Rose Salon will undergo a thorough sanitizing and disinfecting of all equipment, stations, receptionist area and square footage of salon.
  • No Guest. Clients and Staff will not be permitted to bring anyone who is not getting service.
  • No Congregating. All clients will be required to wait outside, in car etc. until service time of appointment.
  • No Kidding. Children under the age of 6 will not be permitted in salon unless they are receiving services.
  • Personal items. No Jackets, coats and extra clothing or items will not be permitted in salon.
  • Hours of Operation. Salon will increase hours of operation to spread out clients and rotation of staff to reduce the risk of anyone getting sick.
  • No Walk-ins. Appointments only.​
  • Restrictions. Certain services that require proximity service may be limited, or cancelled. This may include but not limited to, Make up, Microblading, Lashes etc.

When You Arrive

  • No Mask, No Service.
  • Staff Protection: No mask, no service. this goes for staff and clients. Staff will be required to wear a face mask, face shield and gloves when needed.
  • Booking: Clients must wait in car, etc. until appointment time. You will not be allowed to enter early.​
  • Client Protection: Upon entering the salon, clients will be required to have on a face mask then apply hand sanitizer on their hands, last put on provided shoe covers as advised.

SMS Messaging

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