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Micah Ollie Davis 25 week micor preemie Annual Pediatric, Nicu Outreach.

Pediatric & Nicu

On behalf of Sixth & Rose Salon in Honor of Micah Ollie Davis we are honored to host our annual toy drive for all the children in the Pediatric Unit and Sixth & Rose Salon Gift Certificates to the Parents of the NICU Unit in General Hospital of Lancaster PA.

On hehalf



Children do not belong to the hospital, they belong home with their loved ones. We decide on toys, since they tend to bring joy and can help divert the child's mind from any pain or discomfort he may experience physically and mentally. Therefore, we ask you, our clients, friends and family to join Sixth & Rose Salon to help spread some joy in the faces of the children in the Pediatric Unit of the Lancaster Pa General Hospital Pa Sixth & Rose Salon will give new and existing customers $ 25 off their service if they make a donation.




Patient safety and well-being, we ask that you follow the following criteria:
To ensure safety and prevent infections, items must be new in their original packaging and in an environment with a smoke rate.
Toys should be sturdy and free of parts that could prick, pinch, snag or be potentially harmful to patients.
All craft material (markers, glue, paints,) should not be toxic.
If all these guidelines are not met or considered unsafe / inappropriate, we reserve the right to refuse your donation.
* See the wish list suggestions below *




  1. Play Doh (brand)

  2. Pip Squizs

  3. Action figures

  4. Little people

  5. Lightweight spinners

  6. Crayola washable markers

  7. Point markers

  8. Dinosaurs

  9. Laity

  10. Find it Tubes

  11. Look and find books

  12. Solar collectors

  13. Color pencils

  14. Stress balls

  15. Cradle aquariums

  16. Children's mirrors

  17. Sound books

  18. Rattles

  19. My Little Pony's

  20. Hot wheels

  21. Slime kit

  22. Rock painting

  23. Glow Pillow Pets



Sixth & Rose Salon will give new and existing customers $ 25 off their service if they make a donation.



Every Friday from 3 to 7 p.m.

Every Saturday 11 - 4 PM



We understand that it is a difficult time when facing a premature child in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Micah Ollie Davis was also a premature mic who spent many months in the NICU (read more about his story below). The parents of NICU babies spend many nights without sleep, most of the time they feel helpless and try to find ways to cope with their mental problems. We want to help




  • To recognize parents who have sleepless nights, difficult days and hopes among them, we will donate Sixth & Rose Salon gift certificates to parents of babies in the NICU Unit.

  • Sixth & Rose Salon provides all gift certificates and will be distributed to the NICU Unit of Lancaster General Hospital. If you also want to buy a gift certificate to donate, send an email to

Drop off schedule


Make a cash donation below.

You may also drop off cash allowing the team to do direct ship toy ordering to be donated. Please see the drop off schedule below

In honor of Micah Ollie Davis Sixth & Rose Salon hosted the Annual toy drive.

GIFT CARD Donations

  • Gift Cards - You may provide gift cards as they allow our team the flexibility of direct ship ordering of toys to be donated to Lancaster General Hospital.

Cash donations
Read the story of Micah Ollie Davis


1 LBS.  11 OZ. 25 WEEKS & 1 DAY

Read More

Read abou micah

about my journey

On March 18th 2007 6:39 am while partying in paradise I was suddenly disturbed by giant people with white robes yelling "It's A Boy"! Coming out into the world 25 weeks and 1 day and I only weighed 1 lb 11 oz's, so I started to defend myself by screaming, kicking, and swinging for them to put me back. Once I saw lights and foreign objects, and I knew no one was listening...I prepared myself to fight. Day one they covered my eyes, put things on me that made weird noises and placed me in a bubble. During my stay in the NICU for four months, I was poked and probed with needles, treated for Jaundice, Nec, Ear Infections, Ecoli, and Klebsiella. I've had 14 blood transfusions, 12 platelet transfusions, PDA surgery for a heart murmer, two eye surgeries, placed on the ventilator with no food for long periods of time, and then transferred to another hospital (Dupont) for observation. I was considered a Micro - Preemie and my parents were told for them and myself there will be a lot of tough challenges physically and mentally. Against all odds and with the help of all the Doctor's and Nurses, I WON the battle.

How am i doing?

Currently today Micah is pretty healthy. He is well rounded, gives the biggest hugs, and the brightest smile. He performs well in school and since the age of 5 he has been inspired to become a Engineer and own a toy manufacturing company. He was accepted into a pre-engineering class in school, currently part of a competition lego team, and spends countless hours of building using over 12,000 + legos. He also plays instruments such as the trombone and piano. At the age of 10 he taught himself on how to play the piano along with writing and composing his own pieces. He is currently working on his next composition. Micah is a true love bug and he is so looking forward to all of the helping hands that will help give back to the other little warriors just like him.

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