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Single Rose Membership


Billed Monthly


20% Off For Signing Up

15% Off Hair Services

15% Off Products (AVEDA)

15% Off Make Up Application

1 Free Eyebrow Waxing

Free Member Tee

Complimentary Glass Of Wine

15% Off Refer A Friend

30 Day Free Trial

Cancel Anytime

Becoming a member requires clients to sign up and subscribe to receive reoccurring billing each month as a member fee. Cancel anytime. With this membership you will get ongoing discounts, benefits, free gifts and a catered experience.

Sign Up & Get 20% Off Instantly.

Then get,

Get 15% Off Products & Services Monthly.

+ 15% Off Make Up Applications

1 Free Eyebrow Waxing.

Free Member Tee


Refer A Friend Credits


Frequently asked questions

20% Just for signing up

When you become a member regardless of your plan you will get a onetime 20% Off credit towards products and services. Discount can be used at time of service. Discount does not expire. Discount can be combined with other promotions or discounts.

Do i get 15% Off every month every vist?

The simple answer is Yes, depending on your plan you will get benefits that can be used every time you get service. Some benefits may have restrictions on how the can be used. But generally, your discounts are monthly benefits.

How does refer a friend work?

Depending on your plan the benefits may vary.

Refer a friend and get money back towards products and services.

When your friend becomes a member, they will also get 20% off their service.

Each month you can use up to 5 referral credits towards products and services.

Referral credits can be combined with other discounts and promotions.

30 day free trial

During your trial period you will get access to your full discount benefits. Enjoy VIP service on us.

Can I combine discount with other discounts?

All member discounts may vary in how they can be used each month. Generally, member discounts can be combined with each other. But may not be combined with discounts and promotions separate from your membership.

When do i get my free member tee?

Member t-shirts are available at the salon for pick up 30 days after membership has been active.

How do i cancel my membership

If you no longer wish to be a Rose Club Member give us a call. We will either pause or cancel your membership.

What happens if my membership is not paid?

If your member fee cannot be billed it will be considered a default of your plan and services will be paused. We will contact you to renew. You can restart your membership at any time.

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