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1 Month Free

Pay Later Option

Becoming a member requires clients to sign up and subscribe to receive reoccurring billing each month as a member fee. Cancel anytime. Cancelation does not refund membership. Cancelation ensures you are not billed for the next billing cycle. With this membership, you will get ongoing discounts, benefits, free gifts, and a catered experience. 

Cancel Anytime




Billed Monthly

15% Off

Products & Services Every Visit.

Cancel Anytime

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1 Month Free

Subscribe, and at check-out, make your first month's payment. Then receive your next month's membership fee from us and continue to enjoy full membership benefits.

20% Off Instantly

After you become a Rose Club member, you will get a one-time discount of 20% off products and services just for signing up. The discount cannot be combined with the every-visit discount of 15%.

15% Off Every Visit

Rose Club members will get 15% off products and services on every visit. That's right! Every time you complete your appointment at the salon, you will automatically receive a discount at checkout.

Buy Now Pay Later

Exclusively, for Rose Club Members.
Interest free payments over 6 weeks. 

Sixth & Rose Salon now offers payment plans so you can "Pay Later" for products and services. There are no fees, interest, or hard credit checks, and it only takes a few minutes to sign up! Approved Rose Club members will have the option to pay a portion of their service interest-free. No hassle with debit or credit cards. Pay Later easily links to an active bank account so payments are automatically managed so you can stay on track. 

Contact us Today! and we will help get you started.
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Add Pay Later Option

Vagaro Pay Later is provided by Ceregy. Blended Three offers Pay Later through Vagaro. Vagaro uses Certegy to accept payments. Vagaro does not facilitate the lending of funds. The pay later limit is subject to change based on the evaluation of each customer’s approval. The Pay Later option has a minimum and maximum service amount.

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Free Eyebrow Waxing

Just because we want you to have a rose day, we're giving you one free eyebrow waxing a month with your membership.

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Complimentary Wine

Rose Club members will be given the option of red or white wine to enjoy while our roses help you have a rose day. Two glass maximum per member. Per visit with service.


Enjoy 1 month free. 

You will be billed for the first month of your membership when you sign up. Then you will receive the next month free while still enjoying all your benefits. 

Just for Signing Up. 

Get 20% off your next visit when you sign up for a Rose Club Membership. This discount can not be combined with your continous 15% discount. 

Why you should Join. 

Every time you visit, Yup every time you vist get 15% off product and services. This discount can not be joined with any other coupon or discount. 

Plus, get 1 free eyebrow waxing per month and a complimentary glass of wine. Two class Max per member.

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